city of Torres

The City of Torres is named after the god Torres, who is said to have died on this spot.

Racial Tension

The city is full of racial tension, as the humans who rule the city live in a much nicer part of town than the orcs and the goblins. Humans, elves, eladrin, and gnomes fair well in the city, and are seen as superior to the other races. Dwarves are seen as just a step above the goblish races. Bugbears and other monster races other than orcs and goblins are seen as mere walking animals by the upper folk.


Since Torres is said to have died here, one would think that the city would worship Torres above all others but he is seen as little more than a fool’s legend no matter what evidence is shown otherwise. Those who worship Torres are seen as childish and immature. The Heart of Torres is said to have once been hidden here, but according to legend the council who founded the city thought it was too dangerous to keep in the city so they hid the jewel and left scrolls in strongholds to hint to it’s location.

city of Torres

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